Connecting to GOV.UK Verify

  1. Check if you need GOV.UK Verify

    Before you start connecting your service to GOV.UK Verify, find out how GOV.UK Verify works and if it’s right for your service.

  2. Choose the right level of assurance

    GOV.UK Verify offers different levels of assurance (LOAs). To help choose the right LOA for your service, do a risk assessment and send it to the GOV.UK Verify team. The team will contact you within a week to discuss the right LOA for your service.

  3. Design and research your user journey with GOV.UK Verify

    Find out how to fit GOV.UK Verify into your service’s user journey, and do user research to test how easily your users can complete the whole journey.

  4. Sign GOV.UK Verify’s agreements

    Your organisation needs to sign GOV.UK Verify’s agreements before connecting your service to GOV.UK Verify.

    Contact to request a copy.

  5. Build your connection to GOV.UK Verify

    Your technical team can find step-by-step information on setting up the connection to GOV.UK Verify by reading the technical documentation. The time taken to connect will vary depending on your team and the complexity of your service.

  6. Keep your GOV.UK Verify connection up to date

    Once your connection is live, your technical team must replace certificates when they are due to expire and make sure you’re running the most recent version of the Verify service provider. You should also keep up to date with GOV.UK Verify’s status by subscribing to updates.