Support for service teams

GOV.UK Verify is supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a full-time team at the Government Digital Service.

Check if any incidents have been reported before you contact the GOV.UK Verify support team. You can sign up to get emails or text messages to find out when incidents are reported or updated.

Contacting GOV.UK Verify support

Email to get help and give feedback. We’ll usually reply by the next working day.

If it’s an emergency, we’ll reply within 20 minutes and send you updates every hour until the problem is fixed.

It’s an emergency if:

  • a significant number of users cannot verify themselves to use your service
  • you think there’s been a security breach

Get help signing in

If you need help signing in to your account, contact the identity provider (also called ‘certified company’) you set up your account with.